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Bag-in-a-Box Wine

At Stellar Wines, we offer customers the option of having their wine bagged rather than bottled. Boxed wine in the liquor store is the fastest growing segment of wine sales, and our bagged/boxed wine is no different. People love the convenience of being able to buy larger quantities of wine at one time, and not having to deal with bottles.

A standard 23 Litre batch will give you 5 bags of wine (4.6 Litres per bag). Bags are included in the cost of a batch, and our automated bagging system is extremely efficient and sanitary. A batch is bagged and ready to go home in 10 minutes or less.

Once you open a bag of wine, we generally say to drink it within 2-3 months. Unopened bags are good for 2 years if stored in a cool, stable temperature.

Bagging your wine also saves time at home because you don’t have to take care of bottles. Bags are one time use so when it’s empty, just rinse and recycle. We also give you a box with each batch so you can swap out the bags into a holder as you move through your batch.

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#6 - 4011 Quadra Street Victoria, BC