#6 - 4011 Quadra Street Victoria, BC

How it Works

The process is simple:

  1. Come in and place your order and get your order started*.
  2. From there we handle all of the processing work: racking, clearing & filtering.
  3. You come back when your wine is finished and bottle the final product.

Bottling is quick & easy with our automated system. We also offer professional looking customizable labels in a wide variety of designs.

Our staff is WSET Certified and we are very knowledgeable about wine. If you can come in and tell us typical commercial brands you buy, then we can help you make the best possible choice.

All prices are for a ‘batch’ of wine. A batch of wine is 23L (30 750ml bottles) of wine. 

*You are responsible for ‘starting’ your wine. This essentially means we will have you add the yeast to the juices, which starts the fermentation process of turning juice into wine. It takes mere seconds of your time.


#6 - 4011 Quadra Street Victoria, BC